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About ASP
ASP Story Protecting every corner of the world 

Our expertise is in using cutting edge technology to develop products that can protect and safeguard people everywhere around the world.

Core Values
  • Creative
    Using polycarbonate (PC) and polypropylene (PP) to make safety products with various useful physical properties.
  • Environvmental
    Environmental Protection
    ASP proves our green credentials by only emitting 0.4-0.5 tons of CO2 per 1 ton of raw material made.
  • Safe
    Our products have passed an 11-ton compression force test.
  • Reliable
    We utilize the highest quality plastics for vehicles and UV-resistant paint, which prevents the long term issues faced through element exposure. The reflective properties in the paint that we use, also improve the safety qualities of our products and help them to stand out at night.
Our Promise
With us security isn’t just a feeling. It’s reality!

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best human safety equipment possible. We don’t do this at the expense of the environment, and our products have passed stringent toxicity tests. Our promises of safety are not just words. They are backed up by international certification. So that you can be sure that you are getting the best products available on the market.

  • Textile sheet metal material